Zink Hair Award Winning


Our Mission

“ZINK endeavours to develop proficient, competent and dynamic individuals that will give our clients and operations the highest standards. The goal is to ensure total satisfaction such that team members achieve their career goals”

Education Philosophy

Education is the key to success. As a company we believe learning is an ongoing process and providing a supportive, creative and flexible environment. Within our comprehensive education programme we assist our valued staff by expanding their creative cutting, styling, colouring and styling techniques.

The ZINK Art Team travel Australia conducting seminars, shows and demonstrations. In South Australia, they are constantly in demand for advertising and session work. ZINK imagery has appeared in trade and consumer magazines worldwide.

Fashion plays a key role in the teams daily activities and are often found creating styles for celebrities and high profile fashion shows such as Melbourne Fashion Week. In addition, they also do team shoots where they create new techniques that set the current fashion trends.

Each team member within our salons has a regular clientele, so why not become a part of this new exciting and growing entity. APPLY ONLINE or simply call/visit your nearest location.

Career Philosophy

The Directors of ZINK the element of hair have become leaders in their field, and lead a talented creative team of stylists and technicians, recruited and trained using unique ZINK techniques.

Our passion for training staff enables us to fulfill their potential. This enables them to achieve the considerable success that has resulted in our national reputation for innovation and excellence.

The ZINK Directors and Art teams share their philosophy and new approach to the art of hairdressing. Our emphasis on education, product development and training- both formal/informal, on and off the job for staff at all levels. This assists in valuing the importance of positioning the brand within the broader context of fashion and style, building on our reputation for quality and service. Therefore, giving us a cutting edge.

Training gives satisfaction, fosters our pride and results in business success.



5 stars! Easily the best hair experience I've had in a long time. So relaxing and professional, they ask what you want and don't just go ahead and do whatever they think looks good. Colour is exceptional, natural and beautiful. Styling makes you feel happy and gorgeous. They don't take ages to colour and cut. Cappuccino and snacks are a welcome part of the experience. Staff are caring and have a lovely friendly attitude. THANK YOU so much!
Taylah I can’t recommend enough.She is like the mad scientist of hair.I am so happy with the result, have been complimented on the colour. My daughter had her hair done by Taylah as well, and the expectations of what my daughter asked for were on point. You get what you pay for in this salon. If you want great results, use Zink Hair.
Geraldina Durrell
Everyone at Zink Unley are so talented. I feel safe trusting any of them with my hair and have been a loyal client for over 25 years! They have taken me through it all; from curly to straight, dark brown to light blonde and every balayage and hairstyle. I’ll never go anywhere else. Even when I lived in london I would fly all the way back to Adelaide to have my hair done by them because they are miles ahead in ability and they are up to date with the trends and products. When you find a salon as good as this, you don’t go anywhere else.